I achieve my dreams in life because of being a Bow Escort.

We all have many stories, and some of it is not nice to look back. Most of us came from a difficult situation that no matter what we do we cannot forget it and keep reminiscing because of our struggles. Life struggles are typical, and we cannot stop it, because we do all of us becomes lazy and no one has worked. Some people are born wealthy, but they all go struggles, you cannot say that they were just lucky and fortunate since they had put effort into it and spend lots of sleepless nights. Most successful people are prone to stress and health risk, we may see them social but doesn’t mean they did not undergo a lot of problems. If we face issues, let say double problem they have. One of the famous sayings is “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, and many people have proved and claimed it. All of us goes through difficult times, and you cannot just say that you are only one of it. Maybe because of our situation, we feel tired that’s why we stay what we are and go with the flow. I observe many people are doing it, and it is not nice to see that only because your experiencing poverty you won’t improve your life. If other people had done it, and you too. Poverty is one of the reasons why many people have to strive hard while others don’t care. We heard about successful people who came from downfall and rise. When you focus yourself on positivity then you can have a better life, stop looking on your situation instead look for a brighter future.


I am proud to be a poor citizen who rises up and began to have a good future. Being poor is not a hindrance to my success, I took it as a challenge. Every time I am hungry, I always tell myself like “hey, one day your stomach will be full” I am positive as always since being too negative can add stress and make me depressed. When I was still a kid, I became the joy of my parents, their tired eases, and I always remind them how good life is. I am proud of them that they had ale to send me to school regarding on our situation. I have not also been a burden to them since I am always top in class and have a scholarship. Maybe I do not own that classy bag, shoes, and clothes but one day all of my dreams will come true.


I had graduated from secondary and make my parents proud because of my achievements. And we all know how expensive college is, so I have taken an exam to be based in Bow, London England. Everything is free when you passed. Weeks of waiting I got a call and said that I am qualified to go to Bow. I have to go to Bow and a little pocket money. I am worried since my parents cannot afford to send me money as much as I needed. So, while I am schooling, I look for a job and found out a Bow escort. I’ve got a chance to audition, and luckily I am qualified again. I got good pay and loved the work. Through it, I have graduated from college, and even I got a degree, I have continue to be a Bow escorts from¬†https://charlotteaction.org/bow-escorts little by little my life changed.

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