I am still in love with my ex -what should I do?

Last summer I realised that I was in love with my ex boyfriend. My husband was out of town for most of the summer on a job abroad, and I ended up spending a lot of time together with my ex. He has recently moved to my part of the world to spend some time with his dad, and it feels like we have been pushed back together. I feel really bad about it, and spend hours talking to my sister who works for the best escorts agency about my predicament. She has told me to stay away from him, but the simple truth is that I can’t.

I wish that my sister would take a couple of months off from London escorts and come to spend some time with me. She is a much stronger person than me, and I think that it would help me a lot. I know that my husband needs to go away with work, but I feel like I am being pushed into the arms of this guy. It is terrible, and I am sure that my sister and her friends at London escorts think that I am a bit crazy. Like one of the girls at London escorts said, I should think about my daughter.

The problem is that my daughter is growing up quickly. It is not going to be long before she has to leave to go to university and I keep on wondering what is going to happen then. My sister says that I am also a little bit jealous of her glamorous London escorts lifestyles. It could be true. I love when my ex comes around and takes me to all of the best restaurants. I know that my sister has a very exciting life with London escorts, and being stuck abroad, sometimes makes me feel like I am missing out on something.

Sure, I do miss London, but at the same time, I love my lovely villa and rather nice tranquil lifestyle. My husband has a good job, but when he goes away for long period of time, I do get rather bored. Sometimes I go to London for a few days. My sister takes some time off from London escorts and we go shopping. That is great, and believe me, when I am on my way back home, I do feel like I am missing out on something. That is what this man could offer me, and it would only take him moments to jerk me away from what I thought would be my dream lifestyle, and back to London.

I don’t think that my sister would give up on working for London escorts, so living in London, would give me more of a chance to spend with her. Is it time to go? My husband is away for three weeks now, and my ex has been around a couple of times. We have been going out for dinner to our favorite restaurant. It is not one of those kind of places my husband and I would not go to, so it feels like I am living a double life. There are even times when I feel like my ex and I are already a couple when we are together. Worst of all is, that my daughter totally adores my ex, and loves to spend time with him. Would breaking up be so bad?

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