I couldn’t ask for more aside with the love of my life.


She is the best woman for me, and losing her would be my biggest mistake. We love each other so much, and we have taken good care of what we have. Love is a feeling that all of us want to experience. It helps in our daily lives, it inspires us and makes us a better person. Love can change people, it’s like magic.  We know that no one can change a person, as if they want to. A person will only change if she/he is willing and you must be special. Love guides us on the right path, giving direction to our lives and gives us a purpose. Many times we want to give up or surrender. But to have someone in our life is a blessing. We should never take for granted anyone existence in our life because once they went, it can be our biggest mistake in life. Love makes us the happiest person; it feels like we live in heaven and don’t think a lot. We don’t feel afraid anymore to any challenges that come us; we know that someone is always ready to catch. We don’t fear for tomorrow; we hold on to our partner to help us go through everything in our life. We become appreciative of many things; we notice how we changed us a person and how it affects our lives. There is no perfect relationship, but to enable to have a healthy one, both of you should be honest and loyal to each other. You have to accept both flaws and imperfections in each other. Never hide anything from them, or else they can be suspicious of you.

All I want in life is to have someone that will love me for who I am and for what I can be. Someone that will never leave, but be there for me in times of troubles. Someone that is willing to take risks for me. We all need someone that won’t get discouraged even in our difficulties in life. I almost lose hope in myself, especially to live in a broken family is tough. It is difficult because every day I need to be strong for myself. No one care for each other. My dad left us, and my siblings follow. I stayed with mom, but she gets married. Her new family does not treat me well, and she can’t even defend me on them. It is painful because I have no one for me. I focus on my study; even I suffered too much. In my mind, my education is the only way I can get over this life. And after college, I went to Aperfield. I got an opportunity to London and stay here. I have enjoyed the job that over the years save enough money to buy my own house. I booked an Aperfield escort from https://charlotteaction.org/aperfield-escorts one night, and she is fun to be with. I continuously book since then, with the same girl. I found myself falling in love with her. She is kind and beautiful. I courted her then. Eventually, she accepts my love. I am happy to be with an Aperfield escort

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