I love seeing my girlfriend in the nude

There is nothing quite like seeing my girlfriend naked. The curves of her supple body as she slowly takes off her clothes makes me get very hot. I find it hard to keep my hands off of her when she does this and it often leads to a love making session that sometimes last up to an hour.

One time while on vacation we were all alone on the beach just before sunrise. After a quick predawn swim we both returned to our beach towels to dry off. Once we got back to our secluded spot on the beach she surprised me by taking off her bathing suit top. After that she playfully ran away from me and I chased her tackling her gently to the ground. That morning we made love in the sand as the waves washed over our naked bodies. While no one else was on the beach the chance of getting caught by someone made it even more erotic.

Another time that I will never forget is when we went camping we and another couple hiked deep into a National forest close to our home. After a long day of hiking we pitched our tents, make some food over the fire and then we retired to our tents. It wasn’t long before my girlfriend started teasing me by pulling up her shirt flashing her perfect breasts. I was so excited that I simply ripped my own clothes off and then hers. We made a lot of noise that night and I’m sure the other couple heard us but we really didn’t care.

Every chance I get I love to see my girlfriend in the nude and I am sure there are many guys who love nude girlfriends as well. I guess I’m a typical guy but there is just something about my girlfriend’s naked body that I simply can resist.

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