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Take a little closer look at new images of Slough escorts, and you will see that the girls look really sexy, but they look more natural. The natural look is all in says Alma from Slough escorts of, and I think it works well. As a matter of fact, I prefer the natural look when it comes down to it, and I think that I look a lot better that way.


Not only do I think that the girls at Slough escorts look a lot better now, but I also think that many of the girls feel better. Sure, it is okay to put on a bit more make up when you go out at night, but it is nice to look more natural during the day, and not so made up as I like to call it. Make up can seriously damage your skin and I have noticed that my skin is looking a lot better since I cut down on the amount of make up that I wear.


One of my pet hates at Slough escorts was having to wear foundation, rouge and powder on my face all of the time. Not only does it get stuck on bedding, but it is also very expensive and I was spending a lot of money on brand make up. You can keep your skin naturally darker by eating the right kinds of food, and making sure that your skin health is good.  Good skin is something that I have noticed since I ditched th foundation, and started to wear just a moisture cream instead.


Lingerie has changed as well. It used to be way too expensive to buy silk and cotton lingerie. The problem with cotton lingerie was that I did not think that it was sexy enough. Now thanks to companies like United Colors of Benetton, we have a lot of sexy cotton lingerie available, and other brand names have joined in. I think that is great, and when you notice that celebs are talking about cotton lingerie, you just know that you are going to have to get some for Slough escorts.


Silk lingerie and silk close have also come down in price. China has always exported a lot of quality silk, but it has been too expensive. Now it is turning up from other places as well, and I must admit that I think that it has made a difference. It is finally easier to find a sexy silk dress than ever before and I am making the most of it. Shopping online for silk is something that you may not want to do. Instead if you would like to invest in your needs for silky clothes, it is best to check out local stores and even some department stores which do a really great job in selling silk clothing. I have bought a lot of pieces and they have made me look like a real hot sex kitten at Slough escorts.

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