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Are you sitting alone on a Friday night? I know that there are lots of lonely gents out there. Look, I really don’t want you to be lonely. My name is Lavender, and I would like to be your soothing lady on a Friday night. If, you don’t want to meet me, feel free to contact any of my friends at Islington escorts. It does not matter if you are looking for a perfect blonde or a sexy brunette, everything that you need is right here at Islington escorts. We can offer you all of the delights that you can dream of underneath the moon and the stars.


sexy brunette from islington escorts

Have you never dated before? If, you are new to dating escorts, don’t worry. We understand that this can be an anxious time in your life. All you need to worry about is what lovely lady you are going to date. Having access to the Internet helps, you can check as out on line. This is perhaps the easiest way to find out which hot and sexy beauty you would like to date here at Islington escort services. We offer so much more than the smile you get from your lady behind the bar.

Tell me, what do you like? If you are feeling stressed, I can offer you the most wonderful sensual massage. All of us girls here at Islington escorts enjoy giving massages. It all depends on what you fancy, we can deliver most things. If, you fancy a sensual tantric massage. I am more than happy to give you one of those. Should you fancy a bit more of a firmer touch, I would be more than happy to help you relax with a Swedish massage. The choice is yours, and we can finish your massage which ever way you like. Your time with me is your own.

If, you like to enjoy some more adventurous adult entertainment, we can talk about it. I know what it is like to sit at home and dream. Why don’t you come here and tell me your dreams instead. All of the girls here at Islington escorts would like you to share your dreams and fantasies with them. We are used to unusual requests and desires. Do you need help to make yours come true? If that is the case you should not hesitate, just pick up the phone and give me a call. I would love to hear from you.

Before our time together is over, you will feel like a new man. All your dreams and desires will be fulfilled, and you will feel ready to take on the world. If you have truly enjoyed yourself, I would like you to tell your friends. They don’t have to come and see me, they can see my friends. If you want, I can be your secret girlfriend and nobody will need to know about our relationship. Would you like that? I am pretty sure that you would, and I would like to make your dreams come true here at Islington escorts.

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