Slough escorts Love and Sex Horoscope for Cancer 2016

I have always been into casting horoscopes says Amy from Slough escorts. My girlfriends here at Slough escorts are always asking me to cast their horoscopes and I don’t mind doing so at all. Sometimes I cast horoscopes for my dates here in Slough as well. The gents that I date seem to be fascinated by astrology and it is of course always interesting to give them an insight into their love lives. Do they believe in their horoscopes? I am not sure that they do but I have noticed that many of them do read them with a great deal of interest.


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The star sign of cancer has an interesting outlook for 2016. Believe it or not, but I do date a lot of gents born under this sign here at Slough escorts. Perhaps as I am a fellow water sign they feel drawn towards me. I know myself that I have find myself being drawn towards other water sign, and I keep on wondering why. Could it be that water signs are attracted to each other because of our love of water? I have been wondering about that a lot recently. Anyway here is the love and sex horoscope for Cancer 2016.


Love and Sex Horoscope for Cancer 2016


Along with many other signs you love horoscope for 2016 is not the most powerful one. The planets have different plans for you this year but that does not mean you are going to have bad luck in love. If you are a single Cancerian you will meet love interests but you will stay single. Single Cancerians will this year be pre-occupied by other tasks such as planning for the future. Perhaps that is a good thing, knowing how and appreciating the importance of planning for the future is important in any long term relationship.


During this year single Cancerians will also learn what they will come to appreciate what they believe to be important in love. Things like family and absolute honesty is vital for all Cancerians, they are both two Cancerians values which will never change.


Married Cancerians will experience a bit of an up and down year. As a Cancerian you will look for any impurities in the relationship but after awhile you will realize they are not there. There are some problems in your relationship with your partner but if you take a close look you will see that any problems are not of your partner’s making. You really need to take a closer look at yourself, perhaps you are trying to overprotect your partner.


Love this year will certainly not be passionate, and don’t expect to fall over the heels in love. Love during 2016 for all Cancerians will be something much more fundamental which will fill your entire being.  Maybe you should consider spending some more time with your favorite girls at Slough escorts. Us girls here at Slough escorts would just love to fulfill your dreams and fantasies. The stars are telling me that you would really enjoy spending time with your sexy companion here in Slough this year.

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