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I had to laugh the other day, says Megan from Southall escorts, one of my dates ended up in the news. He is quite a prominent local business men, and it turns out that he had been quite a naughty boys. I don’t actually know a lot about him, but I do know that he owns a couple of local garages and MOT testing stations. It turned out that he had been signing off dodgy MOT’s and selling second hand tyres. It made me laugh as he is always claiming to be such a good guy. He always says that there isn’t such a thing as dodgy car dealers any more, but apparently there are.


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When my dad was young, he used to run a car lot. My dad said that there were lots of people about trying to sell cars that had been crash repaired etc. He and his friend always had to be really careful that they did not buy a car in which did not have the right paper work. No, my dad runs a main dealer garage and says that you have to be equally careful. There are so many people out there who are still trying to sell dodgy motors.

Southall has always been known as a bit of car dealers heaven. We seem to have a lot of people here who are selling cars, and I am not so sure how trustworthy they all are. Most of the girls who work for Southall escorts buy cars of my dad because they know they can trust him. I am sure that there are many other car dealers out there in Southall who are probably really good and honest, but I would like to encourage all my friends here at Southall escorts to be really careful.

My first car was a Mini that my dad got me. I am not so sure if it was the right car for me as I always felt that I sat really low down. In the end one of my fellow Southall escorts bought the car and she loves it. Personally, I now drive a small 4 x 4. I like the fact that you sit up nice and high, and can see everything around you. It is the perfect car for me, and I can get tons of stuff in it as well. When I am not working for Southall escorts, I do a lot of exercise, so I can get all of my exercise gear in there.

Another reason I like it because it has a bicycle rack. Cycling is one of my favorite hobbies, and when I am not at Southall escorts, you can often find me cycling. It is a great way to keep fit and it does not put any pressure on your joints at all. I started to cycle as part of a group just a few weeks ago, and I now find that I cycle a lot more. It has really helped to tone up my legs and get me a lot fitter.

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