Top 18 messages from a divorced london escort


  1. I did not wait for the knight to come with a white horse and save me because i did not need to be saved, london escort says.
  2. Please stop saying god will reward you because i have not lost anything, london escort says
  3. Please stop asking if i regret being divorced because if i never do it i won’t have my boyfriend, cheap london escort says
  4. please stop saying you are so strong how do you do it i fell broke and was injured but i survived like everyone else not because i was a super hero but because it was only time heal, london escort says
  5. Please understand that it doesn’t bother me when you talk about your children your wife or your family what i experience doesn’t make me bitter and doesn’t make me jealous, london escort says
  6. when i go to the wedding and the bride comes please don’t look at me sympathetically and let me enjoy the wedding without throwing those poor eyes as if i lost my hand, london escort says
  7. When the couple starts dancing and please don’t grab my arm or hug me because i don’t remember my wedding day and sadness. i am just happy for my partner and i want to have good luck, london escort says
  8. Please stop asking how are you or you hang out there and when i say that i’m fine i mean I’m fine. Please don’t behave like a psychiatrist london escort says
  9. Please stop asking what I will do next or how can i be a mother i am not a fortune teller i live my life day by day london escort says
  10. Please stop harbouring me with divorced boys widows or men who don’t have jobs my situation doesn’t make me lower my standards or expectations london escort says
  11. No i will not remarry to have someone under my roof because it’s live or you need a man so please stop this suggestion london escort says
  12. Yes i still believe in despair in love i live fairy tales and are happy and i don’t hate men now London escort says
  13. Please stop asking do you think someone will take you with a baby i don’t know but that’s how it is and honest i don’t care london escort says
  14. When i see that you and your husband don’t consider anywhere that i am now a house pest and want to steal your wife london escort says
  15. Please don’t ask me when you will remarry I swear to god if they ask everything what i think: hmm i will get married in 3 days 8 hours and 25 minutes
  16. Please don’t be surprised when i say my next marriage to have another marriage. do you want to joke how many girls really get 2 marriages in life i am called happy London escort says
  17. please don’t tell me don’t wear a white dress for your next wedding that’s the color of purity what does that mean i don’t know why i’m not clean now london escort says
  18. Don’t expect strange people in our society that i am now an easy woman. i’m still a good girl and my father raised me right london escort says

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